Across the Grooves

Travel across European cities, meet colourful characters and solve a mystery.
Your decisions affect the destiny of Alice, drastically changing her reality and allowing her to explore alternative destinies by modifying her past.

Explore the rhythm of life in Across the Grooves.

Take on the role of Alice, a young woman who lives in the heart of Bordeaux. Alice is in a long-term relationship, holds down a stable office job, and owns a cushy apartment, but her life is otherwise uneventful. Until, one day, a parcel arrives – a vinyl record from Ulysse, Alice’s ex-

Out of curiosity, she places the record on the turntable and, as the needle settles into the grooves, she is thrown back into her past to relive her defining moments. When she returns to the present, everything has changed.

This dynamic narrative adventure sees players unravelling this musical mystery, tracking Ulysse across Europe to uncover the origins of that magical record. Perhaps Alice will also rediscover herself along the way.

Illustrated by beautiful, hand-crafted drawings and backed by a dynamic, mood-adapting score, Across the Grooves will stick in your head long after playing. Explore alternate realities and feel the beat of European cities as you travel through time and across the world. Shape your own destiny with a range of branching dialogue options, then experience another of many alternate realities by playing through again.


Working with Charlene Lebrun, we created the positioning and messaging for Across the Groves and are managing the PR and influencer campaign.

Across the Groves was announced in August 2019 and has been featured on Bleeding Cool, Cliquist and Destructoid. It has since been selected as part of the Eurogamer Expo 2019 Leftfield Collection and featured in Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s list of 2020’s most exciting new PC games.


Nova-box is small, award-winning independent game studio, founded in 2007. During the first years, they worked mainly as subcontractors specialized in Artificial Intelligence and user experience design for larger game studios. Since 2013, they’ve been creating and publishing their own narrative games, starting with “Echoes, Season 1: Greenhearth” on iOS from 2013 to 2015, and followed by two critically acclaimed interactive graphic novels: “Along the Edge” in 2016, and “Seers Isle” in 2018.

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