Bomber Crew

Recruit, train, and upgrade your very own WWII flight team
Bomber Crew is a World War 2 strategic bombing sim. Keeping your crew alive is just as important as completing the objective, as death is permanent!

Keeping your bomber in tip top shape is the difference between completing your mission or losing it all!

Recruit and train a your very own Bomber Crew. Names, skills and backstories are all procedurally-generated ensuring a unique experience for everyone, but be careful,

as death is permanent! Customise and manage your bomber as you take it on numerous high-risk expeditions where danger comes from every angle.

Working for Curve Digital and Runner Duck we lead the PR and a hugely successful influencer campaign for the PC launch was key to smashing 1 million sales in two weeks!

Following the launch in Novmber 2017, 1,000 broadcasters had played Bomber Crew by the end of the year. We achieved this by carefully researching creators who had played similar titles or had an affinity for indie games and reached out to them personally. Channels who played the PC release included: LIRIK, BaronVonGames, EnterElysium, Blitz and The Yogscast.

We handled the PR campaigns for the PC, Xbox and PS4 releases which culminated in 700 pieces of coverage including positive reviews from IGN,, NintendoLife and GamesReactor.

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